Briefly about me

Thank you for visiting my personal website, my name is Aleksandr Vedeneev, and I’m an expert in quantitative trading, financial modeling, data-science field. At the same time, I have deep knowledge in the Python programming of financial protocols, automated trading, derivatives modelling and machine-learning.

I started my career as a trader back in the 2007, and since then I’ve been developing quantitative trading models, automated trading systems, for myself and various clients over the world. I started my freelance business back in the 2016, and became one of the top 3% of the freelancer in this field on

Pick an angle

I’m quite not sure how to position myself precisely, whether I’m a developer, or trader, or data scientist. My skills alike a kaleidoscope toy, they may seem random on surface, but as you turn it in the different angle you would see a different pattern.

Data scientist / quantitative analysis expert

At this angle, I’m capable of developing, testing and deploying quantitative Python models which are built for predicting dynamic environment like stock market, electricity prices, sport betting and any other processes with stochastic nature. My typical job in this field is to take a bulk of raw data, and pull the insights from it, allowing to make better decisions for my clients.

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Quantitative trader

At this edge of knowledge, I’m keen on building production grade trading systems, including enterprise scale trading frameworks which include backtesting engines, order management systems, direct market access, and things of this nature.

Trading is not only my profession, but it’s my life. Since I made my first trade in April 2004, I find myself fascinating every time when I open trading terminal or starting a new research.

Throughout of my career I’ve been trading almost any market type in the world, including FX, Options, Futures, Commodities, Crypto, you name it… Therefore, I have a deep understanding how the market mechanics work, which approaches worth to research, and which are waste of time.

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Python developer, Linux server administrator

This aspect of my skill set, ties all together into full-stack product, which I can offer to my clients. My knowledge of general Python programming, and Linux server administration allows me to maintain a project from the early concept stage, to the late production state without a need for building a team for maintaining the project.

There are a many types of side tasks I usually do along the lines of the primary (data science / trading) projects. For example, building dashboards for remote robots control, maintaining reporting system, using REST API to feed some secondary data or updating live-dataset.

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My career

2016–2022 TMQR EXO (TMQR Technologies)

I designed and created the core trading framework that TMQR used for executing strategies, backtesting, maintaining multi-account algorithmic fund, co-managing over $300m AUM.

2016–2022 (freelance, data scientist)

I’ve become a top-rated plus (top 3%) contractor on this platform in the quantitative modelling, data science, python programming field. I was targeting of long-lasting projects, typically 3+ months, in the field of financial market, data science, quantitative modeling.

2010—nowadays Private trader on my behalf

I’m still not sure if it’s my job, or hobby, or maybe passion. But it’s definitely one of the things that can make me to get up early in the morning, or continuing working till late night.

2007–2010 Proprietary trading firm / brokerage

I started my career as a junior trader in a small asset management desk, but over a couple of years progressed to middle derivative trader, and later to the head of the desk of algorithmic trading and arbitrage operations. I’m a certified financial market specialist (brokerage, dealing, asset management), certificates were issued by NAUFOR of Russia.


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