I’d love to help you in the following areas:

  • Software architecture consulting. I can help with decision how to establish, develop and execute algorithmic trading operations on any asset class you need, including options, futures, crypto, stocks.
  • Risk-management projects / consulting. Assessing risks of portfolios including complex books with options, futures, multi-leg products. Hedging, modelling, and managing risks.
  • Algorithmic trading developing. Everything related to financial automated / algorithmic trading: backtesting, optimization, execution, dashboards, robots, etc.
  • Prop trading. If you need to deploy capital, I have strategies and ideas how to do it efficiently.
  • Quantitative research. I can help with researching markets or implementing FinTech products as well.

Constraints and other conditions

I’m looking for remote work, no relocation, part-time. Mid to Long-term projects are preferable, i.e. 3+ months expected project duration. Typically, I prefer fixed price projects with an explicit task specification document (which I’ll write for you). Each project will be split by small/medium sprints, typically 2-4 weeks long.

I’m looking for projects with $5000+ life-time value, with consistent involvement at least 10-20 hrs/week when project in active phase of development. Usually, I start with small (proof of the concept) work, and gradually developing it up to production state.

Contact me

If you have any ideas or proposals, please contact me with a brief description of what type of project you would like to have implemented. We can schedule a call for discussing all the details if needed.

Email: i@alexveden.com

Telegram: https://t.me/ubertrader