Analyzing, modeling, and investing are my main passions. I always love to solve complex tasks, build systems, and find insights in the data. On the pages of the blog, I’m going to post articles about my experience of using Python in the data-scientific and financial tasks. My goal is to share ideas and knowledge, some tips and tricks, or other thoughts about the way of the data cruncher and trader.

I’m an experienced quantitative trader and have been trading, researching, and developing trading systems since 2004. Currently, I’m a freelancing developer, consultant, and working with clients around the globe. My main passion is options trading because it’s like a 3D chess. Options are one of the most complex, challenging, and confusing financial instruments. Because of this, I’m participating in this game.

I like coding and designing new backtesting architectures. You can visit my GitHub to see my open-source projects in the field of trading, like portfolio backtester or time-series library I fell in love with Python, and its data-science stack (NumPy, Pandas, Jupyter, Matplotlib). Because of this, I’m going to share my experience in writing fast, clean, and efficient code in the data-science application.

The main topics of this blog

  • Data analysis, visualization, insights
  • Data-science tips and tricks
  • Everything about trading in stocks, futures, and options
  • Trading systems development and experiences
  • Financial machine-learning and beyond
  • Python coding tips and best practices
  • Meditations about experiences, mindfulness, and fulfilling life


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